Introducing Undo IT

Undo IT has been providing bespoke consultancy services and product development since 2005 to a wide variety of businesses across the UK and beyond. We specialise in finding solutions that fit the need of our clients balancing budget with functionality.

About Us

Initially established to fulfil the requirements of IT support in small companies that found themselves too small to employee dedicated IT staff we have slowly expanded to a full management consultancy and technology planning for many of our clients.

To complement this we also have a wealth of experience with full lifecycle development and e-commerce that has processed into the millions.

Company Profile

Based in the central South Coast of the UK we support our clients wherever they may be in the world either in person or remotely.

Founded on the vision of the right tool for the job we pride ourselves on being able to find the best technology to fulfil a clients need at the budget they require.

Our Partners

In order to support our clients we have formed a number of partnership over the years with companies that supply products that bring value to our clients.

Talk to Us

Our team is based in the central South Coast but please feel free to get in touch regardless of where you are. Please use this contact form and we will do our best to help.

Registered Office
Undo Solutions Limited (trading as Undo IT)
128 City Road